Why Us?

Superior Equipment

We use the latest technology, tools, and equipment in the industry. For our carpet cleaning we use ProChem truck mounted machines that provide state of the art in carpet cleaning technology. For tile and grout restoration we use a Sapphire Scientific trailer-mounted machine that is specifically designed for the challenges of cleaning tile, stone, and grout.

Knowledge Base

Our management team continually attend conferences and training programs that keep us up to date on the latest processes and technology. This means our clients can be assured of receiving the best results available.


Our management team has over 50 years experience in the cleaning industry. In the past we have a range of demanding clients including downtown high rise buildings, large high tech manufacturing facilities, bio-tech firms, and multi-story medical facilities. We learned from our successes and especially from our mistakes. We now use this expertise in providing high quality specialty cleaning services for the client who knows the value those services can provide.

We Clean Better

It goes without saying that we clean better. We hire better people (we are picky about who we hire). We train them better. We also incentivize them to satisfy our clients, not to make more money off them. We guarantee our services.

Cheaper Than Replacement

Our clients find that using our specialty cleaning and restoration services is often significantly less expensive than replacement of the various tiles, stone, and other surface coverings available. We can’t guarantee that your older surfaces will look just like new—however, we can come close.

Disinfectant Services

One of our divisions, BioProtection Services NW, provides various levels of disinfection services that can meet our clients’ needs. We can disinfect and apply an anti-microbial coating to all the common touch-point surfaces in an office environment that minimize transfer of flus and colds. We can also disinfect medical and hospital environments that address the dangers of exotic pathogens and bacteria that are difficult to exterminate.